Loudoun CPS – How to protect yourself and your child from Sandra Glenney

This site is dedicated to those who will be or will be facing Sandra Glenney and CPS in Loudoun County. The goal and mission of this site is to provide audio, video and documents to aid you in fighting CPS.

As you navigate the process of all the Court hearings, keep a few things in mind. Number one, CPS workers in Loudoun are inadequately trained to a very severe degree.  The second thing to keep in mind is that CPS or their psychologists are current with the research  There are volumes of cases, transcripts and research concerning sexual abuse cases; Loudoun CPS is not aware of any of the research. It is up to you and your attorney to educate the judge concerning the research,

The Guardian Ad Litem is nothing more than a mouth piece for Sandra Glenney and CPS; expect nothing in the way of an independent investigation from the Guardian Ad Litem.

This site is newly formed, more information will be added shortly.

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