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The photo above is of Raymond Buckey and Peggy McMartin on the left, in the center a photo of Sandra Glenney and on the right Kee MacFarlane.  The McMartin Case occurred in the 80’s and set the blueprint for how cases would be handled going forward.  The strategy of CPS is identical to that of the prosecutors in the MacMartin case.

It is to your benefit to familiarize yourself with the McMartin Scandal and its key players. Kee MacFarlane was a central player as it was she and her clinic that interviewed the children and surmised that the children were abused.   it is important to note that MacFarlane was selected by the prosecutor to interview the children. I wonder why, perhaps they were confident that that she would determine that abuse did occur.

It is is the same in Loudoun , Sandra Glenney seeks out a therapist who will validate the abuse. Notice , not a therapist who seeks the truth but a therapist who only wants to validate the abuse, just like Kee MacFarlane.  MacFarlane’s techniques were discredited before the jury and there were no convictions, however the McMartin’s lost their property and all of their saving to defend the accusations.

Sadly, Glenney and Loudoun  CPS have not learned anything from the McMartin Scandal , instead they continue to commit the mistakes of the past.  It is critical for you to learn by heart the mistakes and lessons learned from the McMartin case.  I can assure you Glenney and CPS knows nothing about the case.

The Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome (CAAS), which is taught today to new Virginia CPS social workers was created by Dr. Roland Summit who was behind the scenes of the McMartin Scandal. Dr. Summit also defended MacFarlane’s interviewing techniques of the children. The same technique that was discredited  during the trial .

To successfully defend against Glenney , know the history. Know the origins of the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome , know MacFarlane’s interview techniques and be schooled in the McMartin’s defense strategy,

In the very , very near future. We will cover the Judy Johnson, the mother who made the initial accusation in the McMartin case and her myriad mental health issues.


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