Loudoun County CPS – The history and abuses of CPS



An excellent and I would say required reading to guide and instruct you is the above book.“Politics of Child Abuse” written by  Paul and Shirley Eberle The authors are the real deal, they were in the courtroom during the McMartin Scandal; they witnessed the debacle. The book will inform you on the type of expert witnesses that you can expect to be called during your case.

After reading the book, you will get the sense that there is a Child Abuse industry based on false claims,  False claims employ many incompetent people in Loudoun, most notably Sandra Glenney, Ellen Grunewald and Laurie Warhol.  Many people financially benefit from false accusations.

The book also includes interviews with Dr. Lee Coleman and Dr. Roland Summit. Summit , as you know Dr. Summit, is the creator of the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome; the Syndrome that CPS is built on.  They both were involved directly and in-directly with the McMartin trial in California.  This book will essentially spell out the strategy of Loudoun CPS, the strategy hasn’t changed since the McMartin scandal.

The thing that you will need to comprehend and take to heart is that the therapist that Glenney chooses will not provide therapy. The therapist will aggressively seek a disclosure from your child, it isn’t therapy, it is abuse.  Reading the book, you will see that a disclosure is the holy grail of Child Protective Services and will be sought out at all costs.

Finally, you will learn that the motive of those in authority has little to do with the well being of your child and family. For those on Loudoun, it is political and a matter of economics. People like Sandra Glenney need false accusations to remain employed.


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