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I will refer the reader  and recommend to the reader the following book “With Hunt” by Ms. Kathyrn Lyon.  If you really want to know how low Child Protective Services can lower go, this is the book. It  reveals kids who are questioned repeatedly until they “disclose”.  You have to realize that disclosure is the ultimate goal of a Child Protective Service investigation. You have to get this book, to look inside the incompetent minds of social workers. You will see that disclosures are sought not the truth.

The book is factual , educational and quite disturbing. There are, however,  take away’s from the book. Most notably , you and your attorney should never – I mean never- except the official version of events from CPS or any law enforcement involved in the case.

As you read the book, you will be introduced to one Robert Perez, the lead detective in the case. Many things are absolutely troubling about Perez, but what stands out was his refusal to take any written notes from any interviews. He instead , allegedly committed what was said to memory and made a typed report . As you read the book, those who were interviewed by him routinely stated that their  actual statements were not reflected in the report. Do not put yourself in this situation, it will become your word against the word of the social worker or any other member of CPS.

Have them record the interview, you record it  or have your attorney subpoena any and all notes. If you need an example of why this is important, look no further than the Bruce McLaughlin case.  If you recall, the official typed record of his children’s interview in no way reflected the actual interview. The social workers and police knowingly withheld the tapes from the defense. Do not allow this to happen to you. The actual audio tapes revealed that the investigators were leading the children to make statements.

This applies to any psychologist as well, who is employed by CPS and anyone who has interviewed your child. Dr. Mary  Lindahl, in a previous case in Loudoun withheld retractions for two years before disclosing to the Court.

Finally, from the book Witch Hunt, a statement made that perfectly describes  Loudoun County and Child Protective Services.

“There are good reasons most of the mass child child sex abuse convictions of the 1980’s have been reversed. But this news apparently hasn’t reached Wenatchee”.

You could easily replace Wenatchee with Loudoun. What is more tragic , the year is 2106, Loudoun CPS is still operating as if was the 80’s.

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