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abuse of innocence


I hope it is apparent to the reader by now , that Child Protective Services in Loudoun County is not without issues- severe issues. The most troubling  issue is their inability or rather resistance to disclosing  all exculpatory evidence.  There are so many issues with this organization that it is difficult to narrow it down to just one. For this blog we will focus on the inability to disclose all evidence.

Take for example. the case of Bruce McLaughlin.  The following judicial ruling concerning he lawsuit between Bruce McLaughlin and the attorney who represented him. The following sentence is telling

“The criminal malpractice claim alleged that McLaughlin’s criminal defense attorneys negligently failed to obtain the taped interviews of the alleged victims and compare those tapes with the inaccurate written transcripts used during McLaughlin’s first criminal trial. “

It isn’t alleged, the written transcripts did not properly and adequately reflect the actual interview with children.  This is par for the course, all evidence that CPS submits to the Court is through the eyes of their experts; it does not reflect reality. The tapes were knowingly withheld while Mr. McLaughlin’s liberty was at stake.

If you think this through , the Commonwealth Attorney and the Social Workers sat in the Courtroom and allowed the fraudulent report to be submitted to the Court and the jury, all while McLaughlin’s liberty was at stake, This does not speak highly of their morality or ethics.

It is troubling that CPS has immunity from lawsuits. Obviously the investigators knew what they were doing when the wrote the report, they knew that it didn’t match the actual interview. The social worker involved knew that it didn’t match the actual interview. They still submitted the flawed reports to the Court and presented it to the jury. This is completely immoral and dishonest. Why hasn’t a judge addressed this issue and has anyone been punished for this.

In order to protect yourself, you must subpoena all notes from the social worker, the detective and all original interviews. Do not accept the reports of CPS and Law Enforcement at face value. Take the example of Bruce McLaughlin and use it as a guide.


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