Loudoun CPS – Say no to Laurie Warhol


Readers this is urgent, we have time to influence real change in Loudoun County.  There will be a change in leadership this year, Ellen Grunewald is stepping down.  This will result in an opening for the position of the Director of Loudoun Family Services. Laurie Warhol is next in line for the position; it is imperative that she is not allowed to become the new director.  She is unfit for the position for many reasons..

Warhol has a “circle the wagon mentality”, she will defend a CPS social worker at all costs, no matter what. This includes perjury and the withholding of evidence, Benjamin Smith is a perfect example of this. Smith, a very pathetic and incompetent social worker, was constantly protected by Laurie Warhol. Also Laurie Warhol will do anything that Sanda Glenney wants her to do.

Warhol rejects and dismisses any criticism of Child Protection Services, she has total disdain for the comments of the citizens of Loudoun County. She is the typical Child Protection Services bureaucrat. It would be very concerning if she were to become Director,  CPS and it’s workers would allow devolve in their behavior; if it could get any worse.  She is of the opinion that CPS is unassailable and should not be questioned.

Loudoun CPS suffers from extremely high turnover, poor training and incompetent management.  Warhol will only continue this trend. Someone with the intellect, competence and drive to ensure change should be the new director, Laurie Warhol is not that person.


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