Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and the infamous ISSTD


Sandra Glenney will be you and your attorney’s biggest obstacle in restoring the relationship between you and your child.  With that said, the primary goal for you and your attorney is to discredit Sandra Glenney , the CPS Social worker and the professional that Glenney chooses.  It is absolutely critical to know everything about the social worker and therapist involved in your case. Specifically, you have to know what the professional believes . The mental health profession is rife with pseudoscience,  there is a very strong chance that the professional testifying for Glenney will lean toward pseudoscience.

An easy way to discredit Sandra Glenney is  to discredit her choice of mental health professional, they will typically hold bizarre beliefs and be very light on science.  In the past, Glenney has highly recommended the services of Dr. Joyanna Silberg who served as the past president of the International Society for the Study  of Trauma and Disassociation (ISSTD). This is a critical point, ISSTD members believe in Satanic Ritual Abuse, repressed memories and conspiracy theories. The implies that Glenney’s therapist will take the position that abuse has occurred and will attempt to elicit a disclosure from your child. It also implies that Glenney believes in the same thing. This is what you will be dealing with in Court. A disclosure is the holy grail for Glenney’s therapist.

The photo above, highlights the problem. The Connie Wilbur Award is presented annually by the ISSTD. Ms. Wilbur, if you do not recall,  was the treating therapist for Shirley Mason, aka Sybil. Sybil initiated the mass diagnosis and hysteria  of Multiple Personality Disorder. Fortunately, science caught up with Sybil and the case has been debunked as explained by Debbie Nathan in the following NPR interview. Yet, the ISSTD still honors Connie Wilbur.  More concerning , Glenney still uses professionals from the  ISSTD. It is worth noting that Dr. Silberg won the award in 1997.  Silberg was highly recommended by Glenney,this fact  is troubling.

The below link highlights the past winners of the award


Take note of the 1987 winner B. Braun MD, Dr. Braun was sued and his license revoked.

The ISSTD has a very tragic and distorted history, this is why Sandra Glenney using professionals from this organization is more concerning.






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