Loudoun CPS – Establish a time line


When you are involved with Loudoun County CPS , not only are you defending against the finding of a poorly trained social worker you are also battling the incompetent management team of Loudoun County CPS.  The management team will support the incompetent and dishonest CPS investigator, no mater what. You will also be in a one on one contest with Sandra Glenney , her psychologists and her fanatical beliefs.   You and your attorney need to display before the Court the erroneous methods of CPS and their investigation.

Initially, you need to establish how many times your child has been questioned about abuse.

While the accusing parent is under oath your attorney needs to ask the accusing parent how often the child was questioned by the parent, get an estimate in minutes and hours.

Establish how many times your child was questioned by the CPS investigator.

Establish how many times your child was questioned by any staff member from the County Attorney’s  office. 

Establish how many times your child was questioned by a professional by Loudoun County Mental Health.

Finally, question the accusing parent if there were any other people who have questioned your child.

Your attorney must get all of the notes each and every meeting that your child has attended. 

The original hearings are no more than superficial display of legal theatrics. During each hearing your attorney must gather more information. Sandra Glenney will do her best to hide any evidence that runs counter to their opinion that abuse has occurred.






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