Loudoun CPS – The “alleged offender” interview


The attached document , illustrates the mentality of Loudoun County Child Protective Services.  The document  provides guidance on how to conduct an interview with the “alleged offender”. As you can read, the purpose of the interview is to obtain a confession. The assumption is that abuse has already occurred. It is vitally important that you notify your attorney of all threats made to you by the detective and the social worker.  It also critical that you get all tapes of your interview. Your interview will be taped whether it be audio or visual, it will be taped.

When you get the detective and the social worker on the stand your attorney can impeach them with their own words from the recorded interview.   Please pay attention to the following , this is an interesting tactic employed by the County,  The Sheriff’s Department will claim ownership of the tape, so your attorney will have to subpoena the Department for the tape; get the tape. CPS will not be able to provide it, your attorney must issue a subpoena for it.

Sandra Glenney will present the social worker and the detective as caring professionals who only want to ascertain the truth; this is false. They only  want to prove their narrative and ignore that facts that disprove their narrative. The video of your interview will dispel this myth and it will greatly assist you and your attorney in dis-crediting Child Protective Services and the detective.

The majority of the Social Workers with Loudoun CPS are incompetent, the tape of your interview will reveal this.


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