Loudoun CPS – Did Dr. Mary Lindahl intend to decieve the Court and CPS



There is financial gain for a therapist in testifying for Loudoun Child Protective Services. The going rate is approximately $150 per hour for an extended period of time.  It is difficult for a therapist to do the right thing if their business models depends on a constant flow of referrals from Loudoun CPS and Sandra Glenney. Why Dr. Mary Lindahl withheld a child’s retractions from the Court and CPS is an interesting question. She more than likely knew that Sandra Glenney did not want to be distracted by facts.

In the case of Dr. Mary Lindahl , who was heavily involved in a case involving  Loudoun CPS , there was a choice to be made.  Should Dr. Lindahl have notified Sandra Glenney of the numerous times a child recanted or should she take the easy way out and withhold this information. . Sadly, for the child involved, Dr. Lindahl decided to withhold the statements of the child from the Court. She is on the record several times during the case as making misleading statements. Additionally just as disturbing, she made the same misleading statements to the CPS social worker.

“Dr. Lindahl reported to this worker that “the child” has never retracted from her allegations against her father. “

This statement could not be further from the truth and is contradicted by Dr. Lindahl in her deposition several months later. The only difference is that by the time of the deposition Dr. Lindahl’s notes had been successfully subpoenaed. The following is her response during the deposition. As you read the this brief snippet, she states that a retraction is not something you would try to hide but this is what she exactly did in her statements to the Court and to the social worker Arina Arita on Feb 11th,

6        A.  I don’t recall if I was ever asked in court
 7   if she has denied or retracted it.  I would have said
 8   what happened.  I mean, I consider it important to put
9   in what she said and what happened.
10        Q.  I’m not asking about what you said in court.
11            MR. BYRNES:  You are.  You just asked her.
13        Q.  My initial question was, had you put anything
14   in writing with respect to those contrary allegations
15   before 8/15 —
16        A.  It’s in my notes.
17        Q.  — 2011, in a formal sense?  Have you ever
18   done that?
19        A.  I don’t recall.  It’s in my notes.
20        Q.  It’s in your notes, but it’s not formally
21   told to anybody except in your notes, right?
22            MS. GLENNEY:  Well, that’s a different
1   question.  You asked her if she wrote it down and now
2   you’re asking formally told, which is a different
3   question.
4            MR. BYRNES:  She already tried to answer
5   that.  She may have testified in court.
7        Q.  As far as a writing goes, formally, anybody
8   other than within your team, you didn’t write anything
9   to the contrary about what this child manifested to
10   you early on except as of 8/15 of 2011?
11            MR. BYRNES:  I’m going to object to the
12   reference of “your team”.  You’re talking about two
13   different issues.
15        Q.  I take it maybe you talked to Lisa Hunt and
16   others about this, right?
17        A.  That’s something that occurs commonly and
18   there’s no — no one would try to not say that it
19   happened.  It’s open.
20        Q.  But you didn’t tell Sandra Glenney about this
21   orally, you said?
22        A.  I don’t recall.



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