Sandra Glenney – Dr. Joyanna Silberg, Lorrie Sinclair


The following video , “In the Name of Satan”, discusses the subject of Satanic Ritual Abuse and Multiple Personality Disorder, you can’t separate the two. Oh yes, Sandra Glenney is connected this subject as well through Dr. Joyanna Silberg who is a proponent of Multiple Personality Disorder. No serious mental health professional supports MPD , no serious attorney uses an expert who supports the theory. SIlberg supports it  and Glenney considers Silberg a very competent therapist. So you can come to your own conclusion about Sandra Glenney and her experts.

The video is very informative in that is clearly shows that they are several very misguided therapists. Unfortunately, Sandra Glenney prefers to use these therapists. They are so out of the mainstream, that they will testify to anything.


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