Loudoun CPS – Politics of Child Abuse


The above book “Politics of Child Abuse in America” which is a highly recommended read, precisely describes the Child Protective Services as an industry, it is an industry.  It pays quite a few people, most notably Sandra Glenney, the social workers and the psychotherapists that it employs. Due to Federal matching funds it is a lucrative industry. By every definition it is an industry, a very corrupt industry. The book adroitly points out that psychotherapists tend to gain the most. They tend to gain the most at the expense of innocent children and parents to pad their pockets.

This explains why some psychotherapists such as Dr. Mary Lindahl testify for Sandra Glenney and Loudoun County Child Protective Services (CPS), to keep it simple  and to the point it is for financial gain. It pays to testify for CPS. It also some what very simple. Sandra Glenney wants one thing and one thing only , a disclosure during  therapy. That is the goal of a CPS appointed therapist, to produce a disclosure.  A case involving Dr. Mary Lindahl , in which she provided therapy for a child , revealed this. Lindahl knew what Glenney wanted. After months of therapy with a child and endless questioning, Dr. Lindahl produced a disclosure, albeit a false one; this is of no import to Sandra Glenney. Also during this same case the child recanted numerous times, this information was withheld from the Court and several other professionals.

From the book “Politics of Child Abuse in America”. specifically page 24.


“Psychotherapy and the Child Abuse Industry”

“One group that stands to benefit from a middle class-oriented child abuse system are psychotherapists, especially those who tailor their practice to child abuse victims. ……

Often , normal behaviors were identified as indicators of diseases if they occurred in excess. Adopting the disease concept ,some psychotherapists labeled child abuse victims especially child sexual abuse victims , as suffering from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). ”

In order to drum up claims of Child Abuse in therapy, psychotherapists have engaged in very controversial practices to produce disclosures. This include recovered memory therapy to retrieve forgotten memories. These are the professionals that testify for CPS, they need to be viewed with extreme scrutiny.


page 24

“The approach of the psychotherapeutic community to child abuse reflects a mental health industry in search of new diseases and new opportunities for economic growth.

Many therapists view child abuse as financial gain, they are encouraged to find abuse for the hourly rate that Loudoun CPS pays. In the case of Dr. Mary Lindahl, unfortunately she withheld the recantations from the Court and testified to what Sandra Glenney wanted.



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