Loudoun CPS – The abysmal failure continues

martinez torres

Please take note of the latest failure of Loudoun CPS, Martinez Torres who is accused of killing a Muslim  teenager in Loudoun County.  How are Torres and Loudoun CPS related? Please refer to the article by Tom Jackman of the Washington Post. It represents the issue with Loudoun County Child Protective Services, it is more than incompetence it is ignorance.


The CPS organization in Loudoun simply does not know how to handle real abuse cases. Their specialty are false accusations of abuse. They excel in presenting innuendo and false psychological testimony but when confronted with real cases they fail. In the case of Torres, there was an alleged sexual assault in front of a minor. One would think it would be sufficient to at least launch an investigation; not so with Loudoun CPS and its management team.

Just a few days later a teenage is dead, Again an example of the complete total incompetence of CPS and Sandra Glenney.

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