Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney and the Witch Hunt


As long as Sandra Glenney remains in her position at the County Attorney’s Office, a  modern day Witch Hunt is only a call away. One false claim of abuse to CPS , Sandra Glenney and her chosen mental health professionals go to work. The strategy that Glenney employs is uncomfortably similar  to the Salem Witch Hunts.  In Glenney’s case the psychologists are  the equivalent of  modern day Puritans. They refuse to accept any refuting evidence, such as the case with Dr. Mary Lindahl.  Lindahl absolutely refuses to acknowledge a recantation.  Glenney and her team are all to willing to circumvent the legal system.


Lindahl, in a very specific case provided dubious testimony concerning recanting.  Glenney is all to willing to conduct her cases using the “Trial by ambush” method.  Glenney  had proven time and time again that she is unfit to be an Assistant County Attorney, she does not believe in a fair trial and rejects any criticism.  Her chosen psychologists are all to willing to provide misleading testimony.

The following document titled the Salem Syndrome precisely describes the Salem Syndrome as it pertains to false accusations of  abuse.  It is a good read and will assist those falsely accused in Loudoun to understand the mentality of Glenney and those who surround her.

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