Loudoun CPS – The Corruption goes back decades


The above newspaper clipping is quite interesting, back during the time of the  infamous McMartin scandal one of the prosecutors saw through the fiction of the case and came to the conclusion that the accused were innocent.  We do not have this problem in Loudoun County.  As long as Sandra Glenney is roaming free in Loudoun, all false claims of abuse will be believed.  Please understand that she starts from the premise that abuse occurred and will only search for evidence that supports her belief.  She is a relic of the Satanic Panic.

Again, I will keep reiterating , you and your attorney need to get to the bottom of the allegations. McMartin had it all, cheap psychologists, dishonest prosecutors and coerced testimony from children.  Familiarize yourself with the McMartin scandal and the tactics of the defense,

A critical feature of the trial were the interview tapes of the children. It is absolutely critical that you and your attorney get a copy of the interview with the child early and transcribe it.  From the interview, note the emotions of the child does it match what the child is saying.

Some counties do have attorney’s that have critical thinking skills and will actually look at the evidence. Sandra Glenney isn’t one of them.


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