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Loudoun CPS – Dr. Mary Lindahl and Child Therapy

The below video is a perfect example of what happens to a child during a case involving  false accusations of abuse, especially with Loudoun Child Protective Services. Notice in the video how at first the child denies anything happened, then after a little break the child begins to say things happen.  This demonstrates how  easily a child can be influenced.

It also shows why it is critical to obtain all videos and notes of all interviews and therapy sessions. This specifically applies to when Dr. Mary Lindahl is involved.  Do not put any faith in the testimony of the mental health professional that Sandra Glenney has chosen.

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Loudoun CPS – The McMartin Scandal


As stated before, Sandra Glenney operates using strategies from 80’s and 90’s. The strategy is simple, stop contact between the parent and the child. Then give her personally chosen mental health professional access to your child to obtain a disclosure. The same strategy used during the Satanic Panic. From all research, Glenney appears to be in her 60′,  she was aware of the Satanic Panic and chose to believe it despite theg whole episode being debunked.  Below is the apology of a child who experienced the McMartin Scandal firsthand.


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Loudoun CPS – Sandra Glenney – The Kelly Michaels case

The following article is an excellent read concerning the Kelly Michaels case, it was a witch hunt. It describes what happens today in Loudoun County with Child Protective Service and Sandra Glenney.  Sandra Glenney specializes in Witch Hunts, she continues the practices of the 80’s and 90’s better known as the Satanic Panic.



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Loudoun CPS – The article Sandra Glenney doesn’t want you to read


It is critical that you and your attorney learn from the previous cases and the hardships of those falsely  accused.  The case of Ray Spencer , the below article details the events of the case. Please checkout out the video that is provided in the article. As always there is withheld evidence in these types of cases, The Spencer case is over the top, again the case highlights the need for your attorney to get all notes and videos.  It all describes what false accusations  do to a child .

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Katies father went to prison for raping her and her brothers. It was an unthinkable crime that broke her family apart. So why couldnt she remember it?

Source: The Accusation


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Loudoun CPS – Dr. Maggie Bruck Science in the Courtroom

The below video is a lecture given by Dr. Maggie Bruck. Dr. Bruck is not a favorite of Sandra Glenney and Glenney’s mental health professionals. Dr. Bruck prefers to follow science and research, while Glenney and her experts assume that has abuse occurred.  The below video is an excellent resource.





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Loudoun CPS – Politics of Child Abuse


The above book “Politics of Child Abuse in America” which is a highly recommended read, precisely describes the Child Protective Services as an industry, it is an industry.  It pays quite a few people, most notably Sandra Glenney, the social workers and the psychotherapists that it employs. Due to Federal matching funds it is a lucrative industry. By every definition it is an industry, a very corrupt industry. The book adroitly points out that psychotherapists tend to gain the most. They tend to gain the most at the expense of innocent children and parents to pad their pockets.

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