Recommended Reading

The below book is a must read , it details origins of how CPS spiraled out of control. The authors were present during the McMartin Scandal and observed first hand the abuses of CPS.






Abuse of innocence is a must read, it describes the McMartin Trial fiasco. It documents in detail the flawed interview techniques that produced the disclosures from the children.


The Tonya Craft case is a textbook example of how most false allegations cases are handled. It also serves as an example of how your attorney should investigate and handle with the case. Highly recommended read for those falsely accused.

Jeopardy in the Courtroom should be your guidebook and bible as you navigate through your case against false allegations. I strongly encourage you to buy a copy and read it asap.


Excellent read that lists the numerous issues with the DSM, the bible for Mental Health Professionals. The book clearly layouts that the mental health profession is based very little on accepted science.


Very useful and required reading for you and your attorney concerning the Parental Alienation Syndrome. The authors are true experts.

Insightful research into the child abuse industry and those who benefit from it and who do not want the industry changed.

Excellent book by Richard Beck that explores the belief systems of misguided social workers , therapists and attorneys who are the driving forces behind false accusation cases.  These beliefs still prevail today. This book is an in depth dive into the problem.


Nice work by Frederick Crews, he explores Freud’s dubious theories and more famous cases. He details Freud’s debunked ideas of repressed memories.