Loudoun CPS – Educational material to win your case against CPS


Information and education will be your biggest allies in preparing for your case against CPS. You need to invest time doing critical research . A great resource is the following site http://psychlaw.net/.   On this site you will find the work of Dr. Demosthenes Larondos, who is an expert in false allegations cases.

Do not expect CPS to do any real investigation, do not expect CPS to release all relevant information and do not expect Sandra Glenney to employ the services of a rational mainstream mental health professional. Dr. Larondos’s material will assist you in preparing for your case.

Dr. Larondos will teach your attorney how to cross examine Glenney’s expert witness and how to present critical research concerning child suggestibility.  Dr. Larondos also has provided videos describing the junk science that has been created surrounding false accusations.

Never, never forget Glenney and CPS will not play fair, they will conceal evidence to win their case.  You will have to take the steps recommended by Dr. Larondos.

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