Loudoun CPS is the pro-abuse crowd, they are going to believe any claims of sexual abuse.  It is worth noting that the hierarchy within Loudoun CPS is essentially all females.  This  includes Sandra Glenney of the Loudoun County Attorney’s office, Ellen Grunewald (Director of Loudoun CPS ) and Laurie Warhol of Loudoun CPS.

Pictured to the far right is Kee McFarlane , the therapist who provided the fraudulent testimony during the McMartin hoax. I mention Ms. MacFarlane as Loudoun CPS and their therapists are using the same antiquated and discredited techniques employed during the McMartin trial.

One fraudulent myth that was born out of the McMartin scandal, was that if a child takes back an accusation of abuse this should be ignored and dismissed, in other words in the minds of CPS workers and therapists abuse has occurred no matter what.  Take note of the following training guide for CPS workers , course CWS2031.

“We as professionals should prevent our child victims from recanting”.

A few things are to be noted from this statement , victims and prevent.  The word victims indicate that en event has taken place (abuse has occurred) and the word prevent indicates the intention to disregard the recanting of a child. In other words, all roads lead to abuse and the therapist has their marching orders to elicit a disclosure of abuse , no matter what.


The author of the document , Mary Ann-R Burkhart, is a member of National Center for Prosecution of Child Abuse (NCPCA).  She also served under Janet Reno in Miami-Dade  County.  Reno spear headed many false convictions in Dade County, one being Grant Snowden. Loudoun CPS and the County Attorney’s office in Loudoun is ripe with dishonesty and bad training.  Their bad training leads to the assumption that abuse has occurred no matter what. They will plow ahead with the case to the detriment of the family



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