Loudoun CPS – Dr. Mary Lindahl


It is important to subpoena all notes from Child Protective Services and the psychologist who testifies for CPS. Dr. Lindahl provides and excellent example of why all notes should be subpoenaed and the very distorted thinking of CPS psychologists.

As stated before, as it is a very true statement. The mechanism that enables the Loudoun County Child Protective Services machine to grind away at families are the psychologists that will testify for CPS and  Sandra Glenney.   In addition , the therapists that perform reunification therapy for CPS or treat a child has one goal, that is to terminate the relationship between the child and the parent.  Dr. Lindahl in recent case performed the role of a CPS psychologists to a tee. She followed the wished and instructions of Sandra Glenney perfectly.

The attached CPS note by Rina Arita provides insight into the bias and somewhat twisted and distorted  thinking of Dr. Mary Lindahl.  It also shows the bizarre thinking of a Child Protective Services social worker. As an example ,  Dr. Lindahl states to the social worker the she is %100 sure that abuse has occurred. In this particular case there was no physical evidence, Dr. Lindahl deduced this all on her own with her twisted thought process.

“Dr. Lindahl said the child is deteriorating and she is 99.9% close  to 100% accurate that this child was sexually abused by her father. “

This is a very disturbing statement in that Dr. Lindahl  treated the child as if abuse has occurred although no abuse occurred.  This tactic goes back to the 80’s at the height of Satanic Panic and Daycare Hysteria.   The therapist becomes absolutely convinced that abuse occurred and proceeds to convince the child that the child has been abuse, prime example the infamous “McMartin Scandal”. Dr. Lindahl implanted false memories in this particular case, she refused to take no for an answer from a child.

The biased therapists In the 80’s would pressure a child until a disclosure was made, Dr. Lindahl followed a similar path in this particular case. The next statement also shows the very distorted thinking of Dr. Lindahl as well.

Dr. Lindahl stated that there is a very sensualized tension in the room during the sessions. The father is very smooth and appealing. Dr Lindahl stated  it is very disgusting.

It is obvious that Dr. Mary Lindahl has a very twisted and distorted way of thinking, she  sees sexualized  behavior everywhere and anywhere. She is the perfect psychologist  for CPS and Sandra Glenney. CPS psychologists will view any behavior of a child as sexualized , it is a very twisted way to think and conduct therapy.

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