Loudoun CPS – Child Abuse investigations , Sandra Glenney style


The above book “Has a child been molested” written by Patrick Clancy and Dr. Lee Coleman  is the guidebook you and your attorney  should use. The ebook can be downloaded here . Patrick Clancy and  Dr. Coleman are experts in defending false allegations of abuse, Dr. Coleman was a first hand witness the the McMartin scandal. The two are true and tried experts.


Your attorney should  specifically read the chapters related to the mental health professionals involvement in the case. The book discusses how allegations come forward during therapy and why.  Clancy and Coleman explain why the therapy session notes should be obtained and used during the trial and hearings . As a note, if your attorney doesn’t want to get the therapist’s notes strongly consider changing your attorney.

This will educate you and your attorney on the Child Abuse Accommodation Syndrome  (CAAS) . The therapist and social workers will not overtly states that they use CAAS, although it is taught during the training course CWS2031.  They will testify about secrecy ,in the context of the accused telling a child that the abuse is a secret that cannot be shared with anyone else. The “secret” theory is used to explain why the allegations have recently surfaced. They will use this, especially Dr. Mary Lindahl.

Also concerning CAAS , a primary component of CAAS is a delay in disclosure of the abuse.  What will happen is that after months of therapy your child will allegedly disclose more abuse. I’n the case of Dr. Mary Lindahl, the disclosures can be monsters in the home or sexualized games.  When a therapist approaches therapy with the belief the abuse has occurred, the therapist will continue to question the child until a disclosure is made.   The book discusses how your attorney can defend against this type of flawed therapy. It is a must read.

CPS agencies are bad across the county, Loudoun CPS is notoriously bad. This book is useful guidebook for you and your attorney.


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