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The below video is a lecture and interview with Dr. Stephen Cici concerning children’s memories and testimony.  It it well worth your time to watch the video, by all means download it and show your attorney.  It may be of value for your attorney to show the video in the Court Room.


Also the following article from the New York Times  is quite useful and educational.

“We find nothing in a child’s memory is impervious to being tainted by an adult’s repeated suggestions,” Dr. Ceci said. “We find from reading transcripts of investigations that in many sex-abuse cases the adults not only pursued a hypothesis about what happened, but were sometimes even coercive in getting children to agree. They went far beyond anything we could do ethically as researchers.”

Intently focus your intention on his statement concerning the Sam Stone Study. Your attorney and the expert needs to know the real research not what Sandra Glenney and CPS puts forth. You have to remember that Loudoun CPS workers and Sandra Glenney do this for a paycheck. If they don’t find abuse they can’t justify their employment; their research will be biased and tainted.

Dr. Stephen Cici – Children’s Testimony


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